Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear recipient
How are you today and business in your country? I am Huang,
Bank Manager of bank of Overseas,Taiwan.A British Oil
consultant/contractor with the Chinese Solid Minerals
Corporation, Mr.Bowen Atkinson made a numbered time (Fixed)
Deposit of $30,000,000.00 for twelve calendar months and not
too long Mr.Bowen Atkinson died from an airplane crash.

I have some issues with this important communication from Huang, who wanted to let me know that all I have to do to claim this $30,000,000.00 times twelve is show up and claim it. (Does Huang not know how much money "$30,000,000.00 times twelve" is?)

"Bowen Atkinson" from the UK sounds a bit like Rowen Atkinson.  You would think that if Rowen's brother "Bowen" died then it might have made the news. 

Furthermore, what mother in her right mind would name her children Rowen and Bowen Atkinson?  It just seems like a crime.  If they were triplets would they have been Rowen, Bowen and Owen?

If Huang is truly a Bank Manager then he should know that business in my country kind of blows right now.

Could they name their "bank" anything less banklike and anything more silly like "Bank of Secret Offshore Accounts Hidden From The IRS"

"twelve calendar months" - what other kind of months are there -lunar?

Lastly, it is sad to hear that Bowen died of an airplane crash.  It sounds like an illness.  Maybe he wasn't IN the airplane that crashed, but hit by a flying piece of luggage or bag of peanuts.

Too bad I'm busy this weekend,"$30,000,000.00 times twelve" sounds like a lot of money and I wish I could zip over to Taiwan to pick it up. 

"Um yeah hi!  My name is Terri and I'm here to see Huang."

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