Friday, May 06, 2011

The private conversations of a husband and wife

There are times throughout the day when I'm able to chat with my dearest via instant messenger.  I pulled out some of the very exciting and personal things we've said to each other over the last month or so and have sampled them here for you.  The mundane "I'm leaving work, don't forget to bring home toilet paper" type items have been removed.

 me:  Lucy says thanks
 Jason:  My thank you would have been:
Lucy says thank you for the nice baby stuff you sent me.
 me:  Mommy says I'm supposed to say thank you for the baby stuff.  So thank you.
 me:  "Mommy says speaking in the third person is rude and cold but I think she's just a picky bitch”

 me:  “smell my finger”

Me: the "cherry" flavor is hooey.  How bad must the real thing taste to make "cherry" a better option?

 Jason:  I changed, I'm focused

Me:  No, but I did watch a video of Miley Cyrus covering Nirvana's Teen Spirit.
I may need an exorcism
 Jason:  Pretty bad?
 me:  Honestly – no, but the principle of it is bad

 me:  the pepsi wasn't cold so I opened a beer.  Does that seem wrong?
 Jason:  Not at all
The beauty of working from home
You don't need to hide it like I do at work
 me:  funny

 me:  They are specific about stuff like if you die in a well and thy can't get you out they are to seal the well.  Which is good because the water would be icky after that point

 Jason:  Top baby names of 2010 were announced by Social Security
Lucy is 75th
 me:  ooh - nice.  Terri is not in the top 1000 names for any year of birth in the last 11 years.

 Jason:  Should I try to steal some other babies blanket?
 me:  yes, preferably one that is wrapped around a sleeping baby

 me:  Executive Women's Forum.  I use to be an executive... am still a woman

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Valerie J said...

Just checked into the blog after an age. CONGRATS on cutie Lucy - what a doll!
Wanted to send an email but the comcast address got rejected - am guessing you have changed it many months ago. Any chance you can drop me a note with the new one.....Valerie J