Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 21, 2011

In spite of the fact that some folks think that the end of the world is coming soon, predicted by the end of the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012, another date that is being thrown around is actually rapidly approaching.  This Saturday has been predicted to be the rapture... wait let me rephrase that.  It is THE RAPTURE.

Christians all over the world will be taken to heaven when Jesus comes back Saturday.  This is a bummer because I have a 9am hair appointment and I don't want to be charged a no show fee.  I probably shouldn't assume that I'll be part of the raptured, I'm pretty sarcastic and snarky.  My bad attitude towards my neighbors and their bed sheet curtains might be enough to pull me out of the running for being part of the chosen community.

Jason and I have been talking about what we should do.  We've decided to go ahead and spend all of our money.  Dinners out are on the agenda until Saturday, and I think we need to take the baby to el Goucho.  She can't leave this world without having gummed a really good steak.  Heck, we're even going to gas up the cars with premium gas and just drive around going nowhere. 

Furthermore, I'm not doing ANY more laundry.

We have an appointment tomorrow with a financial planner and I can't wait to look her in the eye and tell her we don't need any investment plans.  If Saturday is it and you're left behind please stop by my house and water my new rose bush.  It deserves a chance at life - even in a post apocalyptic world.

For the record the official timeline looks like this:

2011 AD—On May 21st, Judgment Day will begin and the rapture (the taking up into heaven of God’s elect people) will occur at the end of the 23-year great tribulation. On October 21st, the world will be destroyed by fire (7000 years from the flood; 13,023 years from creation).

It looks like you'll have to keep my rose alive only for a few months.  Then I guess it will be destroyed by fire.  Bummer.

See you later!

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CLD said...

Best post yet, TP Gal! LOL!