Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lucy's new skill

Lucy has discovered her mouth.  She is starting to explore things by tasting them.  For a couple weeks now she has had her hand in her mouth and the spit and bubbles that go along with that activity, but Monday we found her with her two fingers in her mouth.  We thought she might figure out that a thumb is ideal for sucking but it seems we might have a finger sucker on our hands.

my fingers taste good!

Lucy has also started noticing toys.  Her interest in some items is zero, but Pierre the Perky Peacock is a HIT.  It is crinkly, it makes sounds and apparently tastes great!  Thankfully Pierre can be clipped to the Mobile Lucy Transport devices (car seat & stroller) to allow her to have him in hand (mouth) while mommy and daddy to irritating things like drive or walk aimlessly from place to place.

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