Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The birthday gift

After weeks of being told I was getting a new step stool for the kitchen (because Jason hates the one we have) I was happily surprised to open up this nifty baby backpack.  It has great lumbar support, lots and lots of pockets (a couple within reach of the wearer) and two massive pouches to double as lunch and diaper supply carriers. 

Lucy did pretty well in it (to the mailbox) but since she loves being outside so much I think it will be a huge hit.  It also has a sun shade that I think Lucy will hate, but we have good hats with chin straps to protect her little head.  When her arms get longer she can pull my hair as a game.  Until then we will clip on a lightweight toy.  One great safety feature is arm straps for the baby - so she doesn't just sit in it, she's clipped in from the top.  She may be able to throw me off balance with wild body flings from side to side, but she's not jumping out.

Thanks honey!  I love it.  Hows about a hike on Sunday?

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