Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Where've you been?

The jetty at Ft. Canby

The family

Ft. Columbia

Lucy with Grandma Susie and Dad

Chico's Pizza

Lucy is unsure about the frilly hat
Now that I share a home with whatshisface and my tv has been upgraded from the 19 inch tube to a much more modern 29 inch tv, I don't really feel it's safe to announce when we're going to be on vacation.  When I lived in the condo and my whole world was protected by a rather large cat and an angry raccoon it was fine to announce I wouldn't be home, but now... I keep it to myself until after we're home.  Although, if you have any kind of brain at all, you'll see the pictures from various parts of the world.

Last week we enjoyed a glorious stay in Long Beach, Wa.    The weather was amazing, warm, perfect wind for kites, and our 'cabin' was lovely.

The only bummer was that our other munchkin, Jordan had a rough weekend and a trip to the Ocean Beach hospital at 3 in the morning with what turned out to be not one but two ear infections.  Poor little bug.

Going back to the beach is always fun.  Some things never seem to change (the two stop lights) and then some are never the same.  Some businesses are different every year, this year it's elephant ears, last year it was pottery, the year before, kites....

One shocking discovery, the beloved pizza parlor Chico's is for sale. We from the beach can only pray that whoever coughs up the asking price ($850,000) doesn't feel the need to mess with perfection.  Chico's is an institution and for sure the beach isn't ready for an Italian/Asian fusion restaurant.  (For the record, 'restaurant' is a word that I can never seem to spell correctly. If spell check ever stops working I will be eating at "restaraunts".)

After our beach weekend, we were home for a day and then off to the east side of the state to visit with my folks and to make a side trip to the Hedges winery. 

We helped mom zip up the yard.  She and I trimmed the trees while Jason mowed.  I tried to rake up all the apples, but he mowed over the ones in the back yard before I could get there.  The part of the mower that directs the cut grass away from the mower broke, so it spews grass (and ground up mushy apple bits) all over the operator.  Jason was a dusty, grassy, sticky mess at the end of his task.  

When we got back to our room we both showered and it was almost too much for our tub.  By the time he was out the tub was really grimey.  I'm sure the housekeeping staff wasn't pleased.

Lucy did well on both trips.  The drive to the beach was a bit of a challenge but I think we screwed ourselves by stopping in Tacoma.  She had just fallen asleep and it was enough of a nap to 'refresh' her and she didn't nap again.  Instead she cried.  She was a much easier baby the ride home and on our way home from Yakima slept the whole way. 

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