Monday, August 08, 2011

Lucy's first SeaFair experience

Lucy & Dad watch for planes
 After cancelling our plans for Saturday because of Lucy's cold I was worried we weren't going to do anything this weekend.  I was feeling very housebound and rather sad about our dinner plans on Saturday.  The closer it is to my birthday, the more important social stuff is to me.  Saturday wasn't a party for me or anything, but I was looking forward to hanging out with these folks and having a laugh or twelve.  I do understand our people's desire to not have snotty, sneezy Lucy around, but the selfish part of me took a while to rally.  

Keeping Lucy home on Friday was a good thing.  I was able to get her to take two - two hour naps and she still got a full nights sleep.  By Saturday mid-day other than the spray your face sneezes she was back to her normal self.  Heck, she was even giggling again.  Friday I debated for about a half an hour what to do for Lucy.  She was clearly not herself, she was having sinus issues and was leaking tears from both eyes.    I put her in the car seat and then took her out a couple times.  The second time she leaned into my shoulder and made a sad little sound, like "I need a nap momma."  At that moment I knew I couldn't send her to the land of 10-minutes naps. 

Calling in sick when you personally aren't sick is a new thing.  I've taken "mental health" days, but those were somewhat scheduled, and they were almost always coupled with an actual medical appointment.  Calling in on a Friday seems suspect, but Lucy doesn't actually pay attention to my work calendar, so it's not that big of a deal.  Jason could have come home to be with Lucy, but I selfishly wanted to be the one to nurse her through it.
I hear nothing
We had been planning on going to see the Blue Angels fly on Sunday and in preparation we researched and purchased ear muffs for small people.  The BA tend to be earth shatteringly loud and not only did I want to protect these little ears but figured the noise would be super scary.  I'm going to give the 3M ear muffs the TP gal seal of approval.  Not only did they not pinch her head, thus making them comfortable to wear, but they worked like a charm.  The planes would fly over and she noticed it, but there was no screaming or scared face.  Well, there was one screaming incident, but that's because we thought the show was over and took the ear muffs off too soon.  Whoopsies. Lucy recovered nicely.

We think the pink muffs were a find, but felt they needed a little something so the bow adds just that right amount of flair.   Honestly, I was surprised at how many parents were there with the U1 crowd (under 1) that didn't have ear protection.  We were the only ones I could see in a sea of families. 

Lucy didn't get good naps yesterday and going to bed was a bit of a battle.  (It always is when she's super tired - hows that for irony.)  But, she woke this morning and was right as rain - her happy self.  yeah!

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