Thursday, August 11, 2011


Rachel turned 9 on June 12th.  She died in a terrible car accident here in Seattle on the 23rd of July.  Her birthday wish was to raise $300 for an organization called Charity: Water, that provides clean water wells to rural areas in developing nations.

She didn't reach her goal by her birthday, but in a wonderful moment of people coming together in a common cause her story has been told across the nation and as of a moment ago because of 24 thousand donations over $902,000 has been donated.  It is growing by the minute, mostly due to the media.   Her story has been in the local papers, on the CBS morning show, a CNBC story, other locations and this morning a story in the New York Times.    The donation "ask" is $9 or $90.  There are far more $9 donations than other denominations and that actually inspires me.  Yes, it is fabulous that someone donated $5000, but the kids that are clearing out their piggy banks are the ones who embody the spirit of this gal.

I think there are more people like me who are checking in on a daily basis to see where the donations are at.  When I donated ($43 for my 43rd birthday) it was at $750,000. 

As our stock markets roller-coaster and we bicker about our national debt and how to live within our means nationally it is sweet to see that for a small price we still have the ability to fulfill a girls dream and help others.  So far, the donations will help 45 thousand people get water.  That is significant no matter how you look at it.

I am aware that this "unity" won't last and soon we'll be onto something else, like the next celebrity scandal, but for right now I'm feeling good about "us". 

Here's the link to Rachel's page you can follow along (or donate). 

2:00 pm Update:  donation amount $950,891

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