Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sunnyvale Dance Party

Disco Pete

I was in San Jose this week and my co-worker and I ventured out to Sunnyvale for dinner. Turns out it was a summer concert night. The street was blocked off and all the locals were out with their lawn chairs.  Apparently, Sunnyvale is where the older population of silicon valley go to unwind...  thankfully the music was great!

Disco Pete brought his bedazzled roller skates and (unplugged) guitar to wow the crowd with his skating ability.   At one point I saw him "do the splits", but at his age it involved dropping to his knees, putting both hands on the ground, sliding one leg behind him and then with a lot of effort straightening the front leg as far as he could go.  It was not the fluid skate into the splits position that I'm sure he was able to do in his 20's.

Now I know it is WRONG to mock the aged because I will get my turn at the Geriatric Disco Party if I'm lucky.   I will say that these folks had a great time and were likely home in bed at a respectful 7:30 pm.    If you watch the video you'll also hear that the band (Tortilla Soup) was pretty good. 

A sample of the locals enjoying the show.

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