Friday, August 05, 2011


I'm having an unexpected day off, Lucy has a cold and she was kind of pathetic this morning.  She's not hospital bound, she doesn't have a fever, but she's whiny, somewhat lethargic, sneezey and has a cough that while infrequent sounds like she's been smoking for a while.

There isn't much to do for her, but I knew that keeping her home from "school" would allow her to take a couple really good naps today.  She's 1 hour into the morning nap and I'm hoping than when she wakes up she'll be hungry. 

Later, we'll pack up the bob (our awesome stroller) and take a walk to pick up some baby tylenol (and maybe a coffee for mommy.)  We'll also hit the grocery store and perhaps find something for dinner tonight.  I'm guessing grilled meat and salad... the typical summer night on the patio meal.

While Lucy is napping I turned on the TV and there's a show on about secret societies and they are suggesting that the Committee for Foreign Relations is actually a society of the most powerful men in the US and they decide who will be the next president.  Their theory is "proved' by the fact that no one had heard of Jimmy Carter, but within a few months or a year of being allowed into the committee he was president.  It's all very cloak and dagger - or rather meetings in hotels with bagels and bad coffee.  Maybe I should turn the channel - but the next show is about the plague.  I can't resist the black death.

Or... baby stiring - so much for learning about the plague.  It's time to play with Lucy.  A much better thing

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MWR said...

Of course it is the Council on Foreign Relations and you will never become President.