Thursday, June 07, 2012

My big project

Original Jazz Hands
I've gathered all the family photos that my parents had in their possession and combined them with the photos I found in Messy Martha's house and have committed to a rather large project.  I will be scanning the photos into digital format and then will make an attempt to put them into some kind of order and publish them in a photo book.

The process is cumbersome as the pictures are not in order, nor are they all labeled and thus the dates are iffy.  The other challenge, other than the questionable focus and clarity of the aged photos is that many are in "adhesive free" books and can not be removed without tearing the backing off the photos.  These dastardly photo books had lines of sticky material (made by dupont I'm sure) to keep the pictures in place behind the cellophane covers.  This was supposed to be better for the photos than tape or the hassle of photo corners.  

I hope I'm not doing them further harm by scanning them and taking them from the physical world into the digital world.  I'm sure some of the charm of a photo from 1913 is lost when converted into a jpeg.

Art the Aviator

I do get a kick from these pictures, this one of my dad looks like it was taken in the 40's, and I'm guessing the war was going on at that point.  It's cute that he was always interested in flying. (Also, note the curly hair popping out from under that cap - Lucy gets it from somewhere.)

I also like his coy look.  It's as if he knows something and doesn't really intend to tell anyone.

Grandpa Milton
Grandpa Milton (Mom's dad) was rocking the flattop hairdo and this picture is in the 50's (maybe).  Goodness knows who was cropped out of that photo.

As for the superb picture of little me, I would venture a guess that those dish gloves are alive and in tact in some landfill somewhere.  I'm sure they recall happier days when a small child took delight in wearing them around the house.

I've had many of the photos for a number of years and got the final box this last weekend.  It took a barn fire to unearth the motherload and get me to actually start.  I worked on it for an hour this morning and copied 47 pictures.  At this rate I may be done in about 15 years.  However, I will try to do about 2 hours a week and hopefully I'll have something done for the holidays, but don't hold your breath...

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