Thursday, June 21, 2012

Personal Leadership Journey

I'm starting on a rather exciting adventure, that in spite of the title has nothing to do with Amway.   My superior and excellent manager is supporting a year long leadership training activity.  It is a facilitated course with 12 modules that will focus on leadership, personal style, personal growth, strengths and all sorts of other touchy feely things.  The thing I'm excited about is that while there are about 30 people participating, there are only 6 people in my subgroup.  The program focuses on professionals in my career field and we're all girls, er... women.

I just wrapped up the first call and I'm pretty energized and hopeful that it will be worth my time and energy. I'd say financial commitment, but my superior and excellent manager (who does NOT read this blog) is paying for the experience so the money thing is all her.

The "team" is an experienced group of ladies, someone with 25 years under her belt at a major financial institution, a senior leader at a federal agency, a VP at a major industry research organization, little old me with 12 years of security/management experience and a fellow colleague whom I'm looking forward to building a long term relationship with. (I already know her, but under the cover of this program I can see us being a superteam of security girl power.)

I also think that the girl security conference in Arizona will be a tad bit MORE social than in years passed.  Funny thing about social butterfly me, is that in a big group like that I tend to hide out and not break into groups.  I see a group of people chatting and I assume they all know each other and are life long friends and I'd be intruding.  Silly TPgal.

Anyway, I'm excited and hope to be able to answer the "where are you going in your leadership journey" by the time we're done.  Heck, maybe I'll even get a t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

I Googled "personal leadership journey" and found some really good stuff. They say the sweat lodge is optional, but I think it's really not optional if you want to keep the respect of your men.

The Fire Circle is a traditional ceremony that is still used today to share leadership wisdom and discuss the future of humanity. We will use this platform to share our collective wisdom, and align our intentions for the future.

The Sweat Lodge is a traditional
ceremony used to purify mind, body,
and spirit in preparation for the
challenges ahead. Before we embark
on our journey we can share in this
ceremony together. If you choose not to enter the sweat lodge, it is not a problem. There is much to learn – and experience – by listening from outside.

Sea kayaking, hiking & camping in the Hiawatha National Forest will provide the opportunity for physical release while giving us the time to reflect on key teachings learned through the week. No experience is necessary - we will have skilled guides with us for every step of the way.

By the way, why do I have to type the stupid nonsense word when you have comment moderation enabled? Can't you figure out if I am a bot or not. Do I sound like a bot to you? I thought not. Take command of this situation and make it more logical and user-friendly!

pnb_dave said...

TP Gal, I'd like to talk to you about a unique business opportunity. Take a look at these circles I'm drawing on this flip chart....