Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A plea to Alaska Airlines

You know the way to San Jose...
I go once a month, not everyday.

I fly at six am to arrive at 9
Oh for my bed I do pine.

While in Calufornia, I totally focus
Getting lots done is not hocus pokous.

When it is time to finally go home for the best flight I roam.

The best option, the 3:00 pm is flight I am hunting.
I'm home with the family by dinner, best option running.

I search for flight AS327
Getting a seat, I'm in heaven

Oh no, booking flights for the fall
I can't find AS327 at all!

A flight at noon and one a six!?
What the heck, this is the pits

I hate to be so persistent
But is it so hard to be consistent?

These flights are full, of Golds you know.
How about for our business, some love you show?

Bring back the flight at 3,
With my family, happy I'll be.

I'm sorry if I sound like a jerk,
But it's tough when you travel for work.

I know I'm at your behest,
But please please honor my request.

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