Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some silly baby videos

The Swinger

Lately, Lucy has been very busy in the morning.  Jas & I are not ready to get out of bed yet, but she's got stuff to do.  This morning she was all about the trash bin on my side of the bed.

Here's an oldie - from 5 months old.  Seriously, she's just laying there doing nothing, but she's so small...

Jump back to this week.  She's playing with the Lego toys.

Last night she had a temper tantrum because I took the pacifier away.  There is a video of her in the bathtub screaming and wailing.  It isn't cute and therefore it isn't posted.  There's also a rather vivid shot of her "brittney spears" and it seems wrong to broadcast that across the internet so early.

However, I've saved the best one for last.  This last video makes me laugh out loud.

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