Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Another minor update on our weekend

Apologies for the previous discombobulated post, I had a thought that if I bundled all the air travel stories into one block it would be a better read, apparently it was simply confusing.

My mom called last night to ask where was the picture of Lucy in her dress for the wedding.  There is no picture, Lucy did not attend the wedding.  The ceremony started at 6:30 pm and Lucy promptly turns into a pumpkin around 7:00, so we left her with trusted friends and enjoyed a baby free evening.   It was a tough decision as I wanted to show off my cute little girl and the dress we bought for her was fabulous.  Alas, we returned the $95.00 baby dress and didn't even try it on.  Someone suggested we put her in it and take a picture before we took it back, but the risk of marring the dress was not worth the photo.  There will be other weddings and other dresses.  In a family as large as Jason's, I'm sure of it.

Oh a different note, we walked Lucy over to the elementary school in Jason's neighborhood to play on the rather awesome jungle gyms.  This would have been the school that Jason attended as a young person had it not been the 70's and the excellent concept of Busing hadn't been in effect.  He walked everyday to the neighborhood school, then rode the bus for 40 minutes to downtown Denver.  He didn't like it, and I'm pretty sure his parents weren't too excited about it either.  There's no "quickly running over to the school" to drop off a forgotten lunch, or pick up a sick child when the school is 40 minutes away.

Jason's parent's don't live in an exclusive, high end neighborhood, but it is well maintained and the school has recently been invested in.  The playgrounds are fantastic and even though there was a separate area designed for kids under the age of 6, Lucy was taken with the big swings, the big slides and the big jungle gym.  I think we've got a fearless kid on our hands.

This big swing set had a chair designed for bigger kids that need to be in a more secure seat.  It was big for Lucy, but she loved it, as you can tell:

I have to confess, that we, Lucy's parents, are not perfect and we did not notice that there was a locking mechanism to the bracket that held Lucy safely in the seat.  When her dad pulled her back really far so he could do the alley oop (meaning run under her while she was swinging) the bracket opened slightly and she slid right out onto the ground.  Funny how these things go in slow motion.  Thankfully, Lucy took the perfect tumble.  Straight onto her feet, then her bum, she gently tipped onto her back and her head landed lightly on the soft wood chips.  She screamed and cried and immediately started making the sign for "more".  Sure, she was scared and didn't want to fall but she wanted back in that swing - ASAP.  Brave kid!

The other thing I'm grateful for is that Grammy wasn't there to see it.  She had walked back to the house to get sunscreen.  She did arrive in time to hear the crying, but witnessed Lucy's "get back on the horse" spirit.

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