Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to real life

With all the laundry done and the gear put away, the vacation is officially over. Jason was sad to put on long pants this morning and even more sad to see my "work at home" summer uniform of shorts, sandals and a t-shirt.

I think the transition has been fine for the kid, but she's been waking at night and whimpering.  It's a sad sound.  I did go in last night to give her some reassurances and it helped, but that isn't a trend we'd like to start.  I will be sending her a memo too about her sleep schedule.  Before we left for vacation she was sleeping until about 6:15 and she needs to get back to that hour.  Any wake-up before 5:45 am is unacceptable.

The daycare drop off today was a bit dodgy as she was clingy.  I expected that as she's been with us for the last nine days and has had a great time.  Being left behind, even though it's at a safe and familiar place isn't good as being home.  As the parents, we know that she'll have more fun there then being told "no, don't touch that" all day.

Even thought all the evidence from camping has been removed and stored, the house is still a wacky land of mess.  The kitchen demo started this morning and to prepare, we had to move all the lower cabinet items and counter stuff out of the kitchen.  We are being careful about not letting Lucy roam freely in the room where all the drawers are, but she is a little Houdini and has gotten past our boarders a few times.  The first time she did it quietly and then walked past me in the kitchen carrying a large pair of scissors that reside in the DOC (drawer of crap).  The second I found her in the dining room with a cutting board.   The third we caught her as she was moving our ineffective barriers.
Tonight, with the kitchen tore up, we will move our base of play upstairs and limit the exposure to the dangers of the downstairs. My guess is that she's going to be super tired after her day at school and that keeping her moving until 7pm is not going to be possible.

We won't have a sink downstairs, so any dishes have to be cleaned in our bathroom.  I guess the week of camping will have been good practice for mobile clean-up.  We've done dishes upstairs before.  When Lucy was new we washed all sorts of bottles and breast-pump gear upstairs - especially those two weeks where I wasn't allowed to go up and down the stairs more than once a day.

We'll be using the bbq tonight and so far they haven't had to disconnect our oven, so we may be in business for minor cooking in our counterless kitchen.

Stay tuned... pictures will be coming.

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