Thursday, August 09, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

In honor of my birthday, the kids at school had a picnic.  I ate a tuna sandwich at my desk, but I wish I had been there.

We're off to a concert in the park tonight and the weather is fabulous. I'm happy and excited.  Of course, the band doesn't KNOW they are playing just for me, but I know and that is all that matters.

Oh and it looks like the kids are eating pizza.  So I guess that's one MORE food item that the school has introduced her to that I hadn't.  We'll see if it shows up on the daily report as pineapple, ham, cheese and toast.

Hot dogs - school
corn dogs - school
apples - school
pizza - school
cereal in a bowl with milk - school

Thankfully, my list of non-baby food introductions is longer and more healthy: steamed green beans, grapes, cheese, whole grain pasta, organic beef, chicken, red & orange peppers, pinto beans and lemons, yogurt, peanut-butter (hates it), fried rice, tacos, scrambled eggs, egg whites, sausage, bacon (loves it!), cherries, blueberries.

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Concerned Raccoon said...

Happy birthday! We have been celebrating up near North Seattle Community College. Swing by if you're able. We won't bite.