Friday, August 24, 2012

Spoke too soon

The layout...
 Never brag about things going smoothly during a home remodel.  That is the exact moment when the Renovation Gods will decide to smite you.  Thursday, bright and early Paul, the tile installer knocks on our door.  On time and friendly - you can't beat it.

He looks at our space, assures us that the wall preparation is sufficient and then asks me to come outside and look at the tile.  I'm excited because I remember the tiles from our selection day, but this is the real deal.

Everything looks really great until he says in a Russian accent (that I promptly picked up and had with me until I called for an exorcism) "We have problem.  You see subway tile too short, other tile tall.  If I install you have bump.  It isn't right, you agree?"

Then he had me look at it from the side and sure enough... the edge of the stainless tile isn't finished (and no one said it would be) and the height differences between the subway and the decorative tile is significant.  In a lot of instances 1/4 of an inch means nothing - but in tiling it matters.  He told me he could build up the thinset under the subway tiles, but where the tile ends it would be ugly.
The problem

I made a call to the service manager, sent him some pictures and after some discussion we sent Paul and his assistant away.

I was asked "isn't it the tile you picked out with K, our tile designer?"    Yes it is, but all the tiles were mounted on boards and since K is the professional designer shouldn't she have known that the height differences would be an issue?  I'm just the customer who knew enough not to do this job on my own, and picked things that were pretty.

K is on vacation until Wednesday, and Jeff the service manager didn't want to place an order for replacement tile without talking to K.  I understand that, it would be bad to order the wrong stuff twice.   The sad thing is that replacement tile takes 3 weeks as I think it's a custom order.

To make our kitchen usable and to avoid damaging the exposed drywall around the sink we purchased foam core and made our own "tile".

My hope is to have this job completed before my in-laws come back in October, but with the lead time and business travel - it's going to be tight.

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