Friday, August 31, 2012

Guilt, the kitchen and other stuff

I had to travel this week and Lucy took it kind of hard.  Apparently she asked for me non-stop and the second night I was gone she was up about every 2 hours and then finally gave up the idea of sleep at 4:30 am.  That's rough on Jason and I feel terrible about it.

We're headed into a rather heavy period of travel and I'm feeling guilty.  It doesn't mean I'm not going or that I won't enjoy parts of those trips, but leaving the family at home blows.

On a bright note, we met with the tile designer person yesterday and resolved the shorty tile situation.  She'll let us know Tuesday what the timelines will be for delivery.  I still have hopes and dreams of having the kitchen finished by October 1st, but I really want it done by the 11th.  (That's when the in-laws are coming to hang out with Jason and Lucy while I traipse off to Washington DC for almost a week.)

In other news, Lucy's daycare is closed today and she and I are spending a day together.  So far this morning we have had breakfast, played with Legos, a ball, read books, had a tasty fruit snack, put laundry away, played outside, skinned two toddler knees, cleaned up two toddler knees and now (at 10:30) she's napping.  The rest of our day consists of meeting Jason for lunch, going to safeway and then Costco - or costco and then safeway... exciting.   If there's time and energy I hope to take her to the kid's museum.

Cousin Marty & Lynne are coming over for dinner tomorrow but he's also going to help Jason mount the new cabinets in our butlers pantry.  I'm super excited about getting to move bar ware around and free up some space in the kitchen.  Once we have a back splash the kitchen will be complete.  Well, complete until we upgrade the stove.  It's a re-do baby!

Ok, I need to go take advantage of this nap and get some stuff done while I can move freely.  Because I was gone, Miss Lucy is more clingy than normal and even going to the loo alone isn't happening unless she's asleep or distracted by Jason.

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