Friday, November 12, 2010

Brain Damage

This post should probably land in the baby blog, but since it is mostly non-baby, and this poor site is clearly neglected I shall leave it here.

There are multiple symptoms (side effects) of being pregnant.  I've been lucky in that my list of unpleasant pregnancy issues have been few and far between.  I have an aversion to some smells and am now getting heartburn at night time.  I am also being plagued with itchy skin (which I assumed would be localized to my belly, but NO SUCH LUCK) and then there's the brain damage.

Yesterday I was in San Jose, packed and ready to come home.  I took my carry on bag and my nifty little backpack with my laptop to the airport.  I checked in and then rolled up to the security gate.

I was proud of myself for noticing that the screening line nearest the id checkpoint was backing up, but that four other stations were open, so I walked the 15 extra feet to avoid standing in line. 

Once through the scanner, I loaded my laptop back into the backpack, put my shoes and sweater back on and then met my fellow Seattle travelers for a diet coke (they had beer and wine) at the "San Jose Wine Bar".  (did you catch what happened there?)

About 30 minutes later I heard my name over the airport PA system asking me to come back to security for a 'left behind item'.  Strange - what on earth could that be.  I checked, I had my laptop and my id, so I was truly confused.  Upon re-entering the security bay it dawned on me that I didn't have my suitcase. 

To make matters worse, the bag itself didn't have my name on it.  The poor TSA guy had to go through the bag and all the pockets in search of anything identifiable. Thankfully, I didn't toss my boarding pass from my Seattle to San Jose flight from Monday and they were able to work with Alaska Airlines to figure out that I was checked in for the 3:45 flight. 

I am horrified that while my bag was 90% packed neatly there was a pair of very obviously used underwear stuck right on top of the handy clothing folder thing that I use to keep everything in check.  Oops.

I chalk this bag oversight to a newly addled brain.  Keeping track of everything and keeping the baby alive is clearly too much for me.  I guess it's a good thing that the use of alcohol is frowned upon during this "special" time. 

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