Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm trapped in a hot, airless and windowless hotel conference room. This is day two, and while the content of the meetings have been interesting and applicable to my worklife I'm ready to be free.

It has been nice to meet all the people on the team where I work. When you only deal with folks over email or the phone the human aspect can get lost. This is especially true if your person has different goals than you do.

One of my "growth areas" in my professional life is to not assume that anyone who pisses me off is a total douche. I need to accept and move on.

There were people at MegaBank that I would go out of my way to not deal with. I don't want there to be a group of people here that fall into that category. Admittedly, the only thing all these "irritating" people have in common is me. But, there's no way that I could possibly be the issue. I mean, I'm so perfect and easy to get along with. <<birds chirping>>

Speaking of MegaBank. They sent out some information to (former) shareholders regarding the bankruptcy. I'm not an attorney but it seems like the notice is 10 pages that simply say. "yer stoopid if you think/hope that you'll ever see any money.". Mostly these notices serve as a big knife to reopen the financial wound and then liberally pour salt onto it.

On one level I appreciate that there are people suing for "what is right" and yet it all seems so futile that i feel like I did in high school the boy I liked started dating someone he liked. No amount of complaining would change the hard cold facts. (She was am evil shrew who "stole my man". Er, that he was honest with me and kindly told me he valued my friendship, but didn't have romantic feelings for me. (oh the angst of high school...)

see, the lack of fresh air has totally derailed me from the point of my post. You're use to that though.

The good news is that I get to come home tomorrow. Yeah.


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