Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Blah to beautiful in 2 days

Wow, what a busy weekend.  After all the success and ease of painting the babies room I got a yearning to paint the guest bathroom. 

Saturday morning, we made a quick trip to the Daly's store in Bellevue.  I haven't been in that location yet and I thought it was really nice.  The old downtown location was nice, but this location has that "wow" factor.  Plus it is co-located near all sorts of home improvement retailers like Seattle Lighting.   There was a 3 day blinds store, but I still feel a sense of superiority about their store.  Not that I was ever a customer, but I don't get that quality feeling when I see their store.

Anywho, we knew we were after a happy and not green yellow and found one that we liked with relative ease.  The helpful paint dude mixed up our gallon and quart of  NOVO (no voc)  in short order.  There is a benefit to shopping early in the morning and on a October Saturday as opposed to doing your painting project in June with all the other home owners in the entire county.

We had a yummy breakfast at the IHOP near Crossroads.  I was surprised to see that the bacon at that IHOP was far superior to the bacon at the Issaquah IHOP.  I had given up ordering bacon at IHOP and since pancakes and I aren't really compatible IHOP is a treat for Jason and "just" eggs for me. 

Arriving home we started the prep work in our bathroom.  I will confess that I knew that painting the bathroom would be a lot more work than the babies room even though it is much smaller.  Our guest bath is divided into two rooms which means twice as much cutting in  because it essentially has three doors - front and back of one and the back of the other.  Getting around the toilet, shower and mirror is the primary hassle.  Jason and I make a good team and I do the taping and cutting in and he removes all doors, hardware and rolls out the walls. 

Yellow is a lovely color but it doesn't cover like a peppy green will, so the Jason's dream of a one coat application died pretty quickly.  This is another fact I strategically kept hidden from my helper.  See, I AM manipulative and evil. 

There's nothing like getting on the floor between the wall and the toilet to find the areas where the original painters were sloppy.  Thankfully, I'm not so pregnant that getting on the floor wasn't too uncomfortable.  We painted, and painted, cleaned up, had lunch and then painted again.  Sunday we popped back into the bathroom and were pleased to see that once dry the areas that required more attention were few and far between.  They were of course, hard to reach.  The corner above the toilet that can only be reached by standing on the toilet was one that took some effort. 

I circled the area one time with the ceiling paint and removed all the unfortunate glops on the ceiling (mostly were from the original painters and a few yellow glops from my fella who doesn't like detail work.)  Then, in a fit of maniacal perfectionism I pulled out the mill work paint and made the rounds by repainting all the areas where the millwork met the walls.  This made a HUGE difference in making our paint job look put together and finished. 

Then, because I already had that paint out I circled the house and cleaned up nicks and scratches on doors and trim work all over the house.  At one point, Jason found me on the stairs trimming repainting the banister.  I felt like the maintenance crew at a historic home turned museum where they paint the mill work every season to keep it fresh.  I might paint the banister every time I touch that can of paint. 

By Sunday night we had put everything back together, except the switch plates which we gave another day before reinstalling.   I must say it looks very sunny and happy in there now.  My desire to paint more rooms has been sufficiently squashed for a while. 

This project along with the painting that was done by our builder as part of our 1 year warranty work has left me with a desire for a put together house.  Of course, once the house is fully put back together (thank you Doug for helping move the furniture and replacing the heavy mirror) it will be time to drag out all the Christmas stuff.  That's ok, I'm looking forward to it.

Halloween at our house was kind of fun.  We put scary music on the outside speaker and spooked the kids.  We were out of candy by 8:30 and had to hide upstairs.  Next year we'll have to get more than one pack of Costco candy bars.  We're the kind of family that gives out full sized candy, but are rather parental about each kid only taking one.  I scolded one kid who was carrying a baseball bat and was happy to find that our pumpkin wasn't smashed on Monday morning.

I will post pictures of the bathroom later (stanley steemer is here cleaning our stairs and thus I'm trapped downstairs away from my own computer.)

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