Friday, November 19, 2010

hey could you...

This has been my week (month) for having to reschedule appointments to accommodate others.    One work meeting has been rescheduled no less than 6 times to adjust to the schedule of the "key" participant.  Doing the meeting without him was pointless (it FINALLY happened this morning) and since he's in the UK the time difference leaves us with a one hour overlap or a 6am meeting for the West Coast US staff. 

I've also had my latest hair appointment moved because Amy, my wonder stylist doesn't work Fridays anymore.  Her lame excuse is that she had a baby and will only be working part time.  WHATEVER. Lazy Lady.

My last two OB appointments have been moved because Dr. Kristen feels that it's like oh so important to be able to schedule and conduct Cesarean Section procedures on OTHER pregnant ladies according to their medical needs.  WHATEVER Only I count!

The darned baby classes (that I scheduled work and personal events around) was moved because there were only two or three of us to sign up and it wasn't cost effective for the hospital to conduct.  SHEESH - keeping expenses down at a hospital - WHATEVER.

I had to move my date to see Harry Potter because they released the movie on the same weekend that I already had plans to be out of town.  What the heck is up with that???

So, I'm super flexible and the entire world seems hell bent on taking advantage of it.  What's next - the baby will come on her own damn time and not on a day that works for me????  Not gonna happen  (riiiiiight, you keep thinking like that.)

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