Tuesday, November 02, 2010

One other thing about Daly's

Some of my handiwork from the 90's is still lingering around the stores in the form of brochures and how to guides.  I don't think my intention was for them to still be in use years and years (over 10) since I left, but it's nice to know I have a legacy.

That legacy might really only be that when I ordered the faux finishing books that I ordered so many that when I die in 50 years that there may be enough of the HOW TO FAUX booklets still around to make a paper mache' coffin for me.  

I showed the one book to Jason and he wasn't very impressed.  At the time, my mom was excited...of course she was thrilled I had a job and wasn't moving home.



PNB Dave said...

I was there longer than you and no trace of my presence remains. My tint-room graffiti is long since painted over; my Miami Vice-themed shelf has been refinished; the doctored comic strips I decoupaged to various surfaces are all gone.

Anonymous said...

Do you want some Faux brochures??? Happy to send some over!!!