Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Christmas!

the stockings
downstairs tree
Beloved Rudolf
upstairs tree

I am so thankful that my one true love (whatshisface) is as much in love with Christmas as I am.  He even indulges me a second tree in the loft.  Sunday, we decorated our primary tree, put up our stockings and had a little misty moment when we hung the stocking for Lucy.  (Yes, she hasn't been born yet, but that doesn't mean she isn't getting presents.)

I moved our housekeeper appointment from the day after Thanksgiving to Monday so there was lots of incentive to get all the x-mas boxes put away.  I know, it's silly to clean the house before the housekeeper comes but I've said it before I want her to clean the floors and bathrooms and not pick up our junk.

There was one very sad casualty, during the decking of our halls.  The fun (and not at all cheap) ornament that my MIL (mother-in-law) purchased for us during the summer to commemorate our dinner at Teatro Zinzanni didn't even make it out of the packaging before it hit the floor and died a sad death.  Poor thing died before it got to live on the tree for a single year.  I felt really bad and made Jason tell his mom.  I couldn't do it - the shame was too much.

The Lucy Ornament
After a quick ornament funeral complete with vacuum cleaner salute, we finished up.  We make a good team, I hang ornaments until I think the tree can hold no more and then Jason swoops into action and adds the other 900 ornaments.  He makes some adjustments such as moving the most beloved ornaments to prime real estate.  He apologizes with every adjustment, but I think it's related to some childhood trauma for him.  I am thrilled he is so involved and know that when Lucy wants to help that he'll have the patience to let her decorate part of the tree.   Will I be able to let her touch my "perfect" tree upstairs? The one that is exclusively red, silver and white?  We'll see.   


Lauren said...

Hi, I came across your blog by simply sifting through some today after writing my first entry. What actually caught my eye was the Lucy ornament, because I love the peanuts! So, you are expecting? How far along are you? All of the best to you and congratulations!

tp_gal said...

I'm putting all the baby posts on a separate blog to limit the "all you ever talk about is the baby" comments and so that my mom can sift through them without my sarcastic commentary on the weather, project runway and politics.