Friday, March 18, 2011

More Lucy Pictures

Close up
 Here we are in our 3rd week of life with Lucy and I have to say it is going well.  She is mostly happy and thus far reading the cues of what she needs is something we've been able to manage.

We're soaking up the time off together with Lucy and somehow are not missing work at all.  Our 5 & 8 week work time outs will be gone before we know it.

We are working to transition Lucy to the crib in her room.  She's in there (now) for most naps and when grandma & grandpa L leave we'll switch to night time too.  My desire to wait is that I'm worried it will take me some time to get use to the monitor vs. hearing her live and I don't want her to go to a full on wail before mommy gets her sleepy butt out of bed to help the darling child.
Not so close up.
Lucy is happy in the morning.

The umbilical cord (ick)
Last night was an excellent sleep pattern, except for the fact that Dad woke up for Lucy's 12:30 feeding, but Lucy was not interested.  She was asleep in her bed and only he was awake -- until he woke me up.  It took a moment to convince him that she was sleeping and that it was ok to go back to sleep.

At 4, when Lucy was awake he tried to get up but it must have hit him at a deep REM sleep pattern because he sat up then promptly fell asleep in the sitting position.  Had I really needed him he would have rallied and been the middle of the night rock star that he is capable of being, but I had it covered (code for I didn't need to use the restroom or pump) so I told him to go back to sleep.    He did the same thing for me a couple days ago at 6am and I slept until almost 9... it was glorious.  This teamwork thing is fantastic!

Our 2 week Pediatrician visit yesterday was good. Lucy weighed in at 8 pounds 1 ounce, so we're officially off the "you're starving your child to death" list.  Whew!  We go back at 2 months for shots and a general check up.  So far, it looks like Child Protective Services will be leaving us alone.   I hear the signs of cooing on the monitor... must go parent.

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