Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still all about Lucy

It's official, I am a mom. Last night Lucy sneezed 5 times in a row and I noticed a little squishy booger in her right nostril. In spite of the fact that boogers make me gag I used my pinkie finger to dig it out. (gross!). This may seem trivial to you, but I had a seed of doubt that I would be able to rise to this monumental occasion.

Sure, important things awe happening in the world. Lybia is a quagmire, we're still involved in fighting for freedom in Afganistan (and Iraq). Social Media has recently aided in the takde down of dictatorships and Charlie Sheen has launched his Self-destruction tour around the US. These things are relevant and many will likely be remembered for years to come, but are they really more important than a new mom who conquered her disgust over boogers for the sake of her small child?

Jason listened to my tale of triumph and then asked if I thought I could deal with the full on snot bubble that is an inevitable part of owning a toddler. I'd like to say that I said yes, but truth be told I gagged at the thought of it. Seriously, snot bubbles are gross. I fear the day that I have to manage the runny nose. Ack!!!

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pnb_dave said...

Can't you use one of those rubber bulb syringe things so as not to have to make personal contact with snot?