Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random Thoughts & Updates

Lucy & Mommy did well at book group.  My first driving experience was fine, I felt that I was at about 80% of my pre-surgery strength.  Making big over the right shoulder lane checks were the most challenging.  Unless it's important, I'll be letting Jason drive us around while he's still out on paternity leave.  There's no need to push it.

The discussion of War & Peace was great and I have to confess that I now have a desire to spend the time to read this book.  The book club ladies did a fine job of making the size of the book seem worth the effort.  Darn them!

I'm not sure I (overshared) mentioned that I"m healing well from the c-section, but that there is a 1 inch spot in my incision that is questionable.  The nurse at the OB's office prescribed an anti-biotic to squelch the onset of a possible infection.   The good news is that my (new) primary care doctor says the anti-biotic isn't necessary and the bad news is that I developed a nasty rash on my arms and needed to finally make contact with a primary care doctor.  Unfortunately, the only thing to do to alleviate the rash is to stop taking the antibiotic and wait for it to work its way out of my system. I have an industrial strength anti-itch drug that the new doctor said I could take, but that drug puts me into a stupor that makes me not very fun to be around.  I may take a benadryl later if the itching is too awful.  I'm working on being a trooper vs. a whiny little bitch regarding the itching. 

On a funny note, Lucy responds extremely well to the white noise generator on our iPhones (when she's screaming her head off).  I was showing it to one of the book club ladies and she asked "how does Lucy respond to songs?"  I had no idea, so she popped off with some sweet song about a puppy and Lucy was very interested.  I guess I need to brush up on my kid songs.  I don't think singing the words to Copa Cabana or random 80's songs are an acceptable substitute to the appropriate "Mockingbird"  or "Itsy bitsy spider" songs. 

The other marquee event last night was that Lucy's umbilical cord fell off while at book group.  I have to say that of all the various medical and bodily functions that are part of having a baby, this is the only thing that has made me gag.  To let you know that I'm not being overly sensitive, my lovely daughter has peed on me AND one day she actually pooped on me during a diaper change.  Neither of those events threw me like the icky umbilical cord.  I wrapped it up and brought it home.  It is now safely tucked into a zip lock bag and is stored in the box of baby mementos.

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pnb_dave said...

If you REALLY want to feel queasy, Google "Tom Cruise umbilical cord." Or don't.