Wednesday, March 02, 2011


We have a baby!!! Wow, you know its coming and yet it's still a little shocking. I mean she's a little person. She's warm and moving, she cries and poops. These are all the things you want in a newborn.

I certainly didn't want to have a c-section but am so relieved it went that way. The umbilical cord was wrapped around Lucy's neck -twice. Had she fully engaged the process of exiting via the expected path she might not be with us. (scary thought).

The day was long and the contractions I was feeling were tolerable(ish). Life after the epidural was nice. I was able to nap for about an hour, in half hour segments. I also got the super convenient catheter which means I haven't had to drag my nekked behind to the loo since about 7pm. It's the small things.

Once the decision was made to have a surgical birth things moved very quickly. I was wheeled in the OR, a room exactly like you would expect. White, bright and cold. Once I had spelled my name for the people a dozen times the show started. I know it is better for them to triple verify they have the right person, but I should get a medal for spelling my whole (still new to me) name just before major surgery.

The procedure went mostly ok, dr Kristen said that there was some difficulty getting my 7 pound 12 ounce daughter out. From my point of view (flat on my back withan eye lock on my brave and supportive fella it went well. Within 30 minutes all my attention was on Lucy a d her curly black hair. I couldn't see much but it rocked my world to hear her fill her lungs and let us know she's here! Pretttymuch from the get go her eyes were open and she was soaking it all in. I loved seeing her in Jasons arms. He's a natural and not to dent his manly personal his eyes were leaking too. When we arrived back in our room we tried feeding and (hoo-yippee-ray) it worked. She latched on, had good suction and I produced food!!! This is a happy miracle for me the one who had a breast reduction 22 years ago. It was a crap shoot and we won!!! There was feeding and lots of checking under the covers to monitor my new Zipper front.

All in all, because I didn't push I feel like I got off easy and that the dr's did all the work, but I will accept all congratulations and kudos for my efforts. Jas gets a gold star for his general awesomeness and being the supplier of the exact right level of comfort I needed.

We've sent pictures and had conversations with the grandparents and I can't wait to photographhwir first (or every) encounter. M operating on less than 3 hours sleep in he last 24 but am ready to attack this new day with my new daughter and her amazing dad.

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pnb_dave said...

You deserve all the congratulations and kudos you get. You did all the work for the last nine months; the docs just did their jobs. (Not to minimize that their jobs are hard.)

I'm SO happy for you and J and am looking forward to meeting this new little person!