Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy week

We have a busy week on the books for us. Today Lucy is taking us to Costco and I'm making dinner this evening. (Buttermilk chicken, potatoes, green beans and some sort of sweet thing.)

Tomorrow Jas and I meeting with our financial adviser to set up a college fund for Lucy. I'm sure that we'll learn that at only 6 weeks old, we're behind the curve on the amount we've put away so far (not much.) We're going to take our poop machine out on the town Tuesday night and share her with the city of Renton. We'll be celebrating Lucy's 6 week birth-a-versary (and not cooking dinner at home.)

Wednesday Grandma S goes home, so our morning will be all about her soaking up every minute she can with Lucy.

Thursday I have my 6 week postpartum doctor appointment. Thank you Becky for coming to entertain Lucy while I see the doctor. I'm feeling 98% great. The 2% I'm missing is related to the lingering issue with my incision. The nurse was in agreement that waiting until this appointment was the right thing to do, and for the most part it isn't painful, but every now and then I notice that things aren't quite right. There's a tightness and a dull twinge (maybe a 1 on the pain scale) but the pain should be at a zero. So, Thursday we'll assess it.

After our appointment, we three girls will find somewhere to have lunch. To be honest, Lucy can and will eat anywhere. Becky and I will probably prefer to eat at PF Changs or The Cheesecake Factory. It will be Becky's choice and my treat.

Thursday night, Jason, Lucy and I will be meeting with Pastor K to discuss baptism for Miss Lucy.

Friday, Auntie Lynne will be coming over and J&I will be heading out to the symphony. We didn't renew our tickets for next year, but aren't going to pass on the ones we've already purchased either. We're blessed with a large number of Aunties who want to come hangout with Lucy while we go play. We're hoping to work in a date night at least once a month.

Next week Lucy and I will be practicing going to daycare. She'll do fine, I'm sure I'll be a wreck. We'll probably only do it Monday and Tuesday and certainly not for the whole day. I don't want to miss too much time with my girl.

Lucy is napping on the sheep right now. Poor little bunny has a bit of a cold. Her left sinus area is stuffed up and I've been using the bulb thing to remove the excess liquid. Wow, does she hate that! Helping her breathe easier is more important than the screaming she does for 3 minutes after a suction event. Being the mommy is a rough job.

Grandma S is upstairs doing laundry and vacuuming. I'm going to miss the doctor mandated vacation from the vacuum. The laundry thing she does is a huge bonus. I don't mind doing it and will keep up once she goes home, but my tolerance for piles is much larger than hers. I learned a while ago to let her do it.

More later!

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