Monday, April 25, 2011

...trying to be a good employee.

I decided to log on to the company computer tonight to let all the updates that have occurred while I've been out get uploaded so I can start my day fresh tomorrow.  It's been 2 months so I'm sure the updates will be many and might take hours.  Sadly, my password has expired AND the company rolled out a convenient automated password manager.  The old process does not work and I've been on hold with the IT help desk for 16 minutes.  This wouldn't be so bad, but they are playing strange 50's music to pass the time.  Additionally, every 15-20 seconds they break into the terrible music to tell me that I'll be helped by the next available representative. 

I may have to hang up and do this tomorrow on their time, but I would prefer to be able to start my day tomorrow as a fully functioning person. 

This music is horrid. 

They say for every boy and girl,
There's just one love in this old world,
And I, I kn-ow, I, I, I've found mine.
The heavenly touch of your embrace,
Tells me no one will take your place,
A, A, A, A, ever in my heart.

I had to look it up...Young Love.  Written in 1956 and covered by Donny Osmond in 1973... never reaching higher than 24 on the billboard charts.  KILL.  ME.  NOW.

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