Saturday, April 16, 2011

Comments of the day

"Who is the person who said that Lucy needs to go to a good preschool?" This was a question that in one form or another I was asked twice this week. The first person inquiring simply wanted to know and the second person clearly did NOT get the sarcasm of the post and was a tiny bit incensed. The second person was a person of grandparent title and thus any perceived insult regarding the perfect child is unacceptable. I assured said grandmother that the comment was indeed funny and more of a comment on how Jason and I could be far more obsessed with making sure that Lucy gets into a good college by starting her higher education preparations now. I mean, how on earth can we expect her to excel beyond WSU or UW if we don't build her college resume now? Sheesh, she's already wasted seven weeks just sitting around pooping. This is not going to bode well when we approach Harvard. (I think Harvard is out for us, they don't let in students who have relatives in the "riff raff" category. Poor Lucy is already handicapped by my public blog that is filled with creative application of the rules of grammar. I can hear the admissions discussion now, "the mother has a chronic comma splicing problem, this kid is not Harvard material" Sorry Lucy, your mom has all ready failed you.

This discussion of our dear anonymous poster brought the grandmother and I to a discussion about how many things we think are funny do not translate well to the outside community.  I told her that many things I find amusing are either confusing or offensive to others.  Granny laughed and said that she understood.  "I find myself really funny, especially after a drink or two.  God, I'm really funny then. Mostly, people just stare at me though..."

As the moderator for the blog and the comments that (nicely) come in, if I'm offended I have an option not to publish them, so I encourage you  all to say what you like.

Topic 2:  A nice resolution

Breast feeding was a bust (pun intended.)  I'm still not happy about the fact that after dealing with my allergic reaction to the antibiotics for my minor incision issue that my milk supply went from minimal to non-existent.  Lucy is fine on formula, it is VERY convenient, and the cocktail I had last night at dinner was tasty.   I have been walking around the breast pump and supplies that we purchased.  I want to make sure that it went to good use, and then I found a business card that someone handed me about 9 months ago.  There is a local organization that specializes in needs for families with babies.  I will be able to donate my almost new pump and unused supplies to an organization that will ensure it  will go to a family that needs it.  This makes the frustration and disappointment a bit easier to digest.


MWR said...

Sometimes I get good and loaded and just go from blog to blog riffing about fencing scholarships. Some people think I'm dead serious (duel challenges have ensued from people with names containing "Von" and/or ending in "-hazy"). Others sense that the fencing-scholarship reference may be telegraphing irony, the notion that my drunken attempts at humor should not be taken at face value; although be assured that, a few drinks or no, these are *successful* attempts at humor. Anyone who thinks differently probably did not get enough directed play, music and French grammar as a three-year-old. Who am I kidding. It's over by three.

MWR said...

Oops, some mystery that turned out to be. You knew it was me anyway.

MWR said...

Oh, don't publish those. I get enough hate mail from people's grandparents as it is.

tp_gal said...

It is good news to learn that we have until age 3 to wrap up Lucy's future. I thought that since we didn't pipe classical music and French lessons into the womb that she was doomed to the Renton Technical College.

As an aside, if you need a dueling partner, my friend Becky has Von in her name, as does her 9 year old son. They will be happy to take you on.

tp_gal said...

I have a handy tracker and can go look at where my "traffic" is coming from. However, in this case your humor gave you away.

But, if you choose to post anonymously I won't "out" you publicly. I told my mom & whatshisface because they asked, but I understand the desire to make comments without attributing them to yourself - especially if you're giving legal or medical advice. You wouldn't want to open yourself to a law suit.

For the record, not all the "anonymous" comments have been from MWR.

pnb_dave said...

I don't get what you mean by "excel beyond UW."

(Word verification: "coitato," which sounds like a sexually active tuber.)