Friday, April 29, 2011

Jeezus...what is that? Wedding Fashion

When the disgraced Sara Ferguson is your mother, are you required to dress horridly?  Euginie (in blue) looks like she's wearing something that she had Cinderella's lesser mice fashion for her out of something my grandmother wore in 1978.  AWFUL.

Princess Beatrice looks a bit better in her sublte skin colored dress, but that hat!   Philip Treacy is THE go to designer for hats, but I think he might have been joking when he suggested he could make a hat that she could re-purpose as a door knocker. 

As for Tara Palmer somebody or other (British Socialite) her Philip Treacy hat makes me wonder if is it a shoe or a giant blue vagina?

The three ladies on the bottom who round out our hat fashion show are Earl Spencer's daughters (nieces to the late Diana, Princess of Wales) actually pull off the crazy and required hats with style.  You couldn't wear any of those items to a function in the US - but bully for them.

While I was trolling web sites for photo's to borrow I found several web sites that blasted the wife of the current Prime Minister for not wearing a hat at all.  So let this be a lesson, you can wear any bizarre piece of material on your head to a royal wedding including old shoes, used diapers, dead birds or even model airplanes but for f*ck sake, don't show up wearing nothing.
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