Friday, April 08, 2011

Grandma's are great!

Lucy has two wonderful grandmas. Grandma S is visiting from Denver this week and has been busy diving into every dirty diaper and has been the willing recipient of our Lucy at 6am. I did have to put my foot down about Grandma helping with the 3am feedings. Those belong to mom & dad, mostly because I won't be able to sleep if I don't know what the schedule has been, and I selfishly like the snuggle.

Grandma G has been busy planning all sorts of wonderful things for Lucy including a tree swing and she's architecting a tree house. I don't know if she knows that it might be a few years before Lucy is allowed to climb a tree. I think we'll focus on holding her head up first. Grandma G called yesterday to ask about the proper spelling of Lucy's middle name. She wanted to make sure she spelled it right on the form she's using to legally change her middle name to Lucy's middle name. VERY FUNNY MOM!

Grandma G also said something that I'm sure you will all agree would be a grandparenting violation. "I can't wait until she comes to visit and I can cut her hair." SQUEEZE ME!? While it might be fun to sit the small kid down and chop her hair it will ALWAYS be strictly forbidden by us. ALWAYS. Let's be clear - if she cuts Lucy's hair (without permission) Grandma G will immediately be placed in the nearest (and cheapest) nursing home.

I was telling a friend about my mom's strange obsession with cutting the hair of small children and she shared a story (that may or may not be true) about a grandmother who had her grandson circumcised while the child was visiting. She decided it was necessary even though the parents had opted to not do it. I think you might be able to charge the crazy, overstepping grandma with assault for that stunt. Christmas or Chanukkah would be quite unpleasant that year and maybe for years to come.

Thankfully, I think Grandma G is yanking my chain about the hair cutting, but I'm serious about the fact that the activity IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. I'm saying NO. Do you hear me? NO.

In spite of my threats, it means the world to me that Lucy has four fabulous grandparents. Due to my "advanced maternal age" we could easily be missing a grandparent and that would be a huge loss, for us and Lucy.

I should go it is date night tonight. Grandma S is Lucy sitting and I need to make myself pretty.

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