Sunday, April 02, 2006

Daylight Savings... the downside

So, it's going to be awesome when I get up in the morning it will be light and the trip to the bus won't be an adventure. However, until we get adjusted the time change is a pain.

Satan - aka Peter who likes to eat at 5am was up super early and to get me up and moving (on a sunday?) jumped over my head to the night stand and started knocking things off. My book(Herzog by Saul Bellows), the water bottle (which I use instead of a glass for just this reason) my night guard (sexy!) holder and finally the alarm clock.

I got up long enough to kick him out of the bedroom so I could try to sleep until 7:30. I did catch some more shut eye but it was hard wtih him body slamming the bedroom door. I know I COULD have just fed him, but I know he can read... he knows that it's Sunday. Crazy cat lady needs her sleep!

So, on much less sleep than I anticipated I accidentally took a nap this afternoon and so now here it is 'time to go to bed' and not only does my body KNOW it's not really 10:30, I'm not pooped enough to fake it. However, since 5 am comes in six and a half hours whether I go to bed or not.. I should try.

Lastly, I probably shouldn't post this pix of the cat but he's so shameless... He is a big boy, but this particular pose highlights his stature.


MWR said...

Since it is Monday now I suppose I don't have to remind you that DST makes it darker in the morning, not lighter.

And if kitty likes to eat at 5 a.m., he should now like to eat at 6 a.m.

tp_gal said...

ok.... well I thank you for pointing that out. clearly the lack of sleep is hurting my brain.

I feel rather dumb now.