Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Serenity

I've calmed a bit since Friday and have decided NOT to take a contract out on the accountant.

Weekend Activities:
Went for a nice hike on Saturday morning.
Changed the oil in my car today. I got talked into an "engine flush" which actually made the Jetta run worse for a while.
Peter the wonder-kitty got a new kitty scratching post this weekend. It's a lovely two story carpet covered castle. He seems to like the wool bed and by moving it next to the desk I have stopped the annoying "pay attention to me" clawing that was happening.
Saw The Sentinal aka 24, the Movie. It wasn't as bad as I thought - in fact walking in with super low expectations I actually enjoyed it.
Dinner with a friend on Saturday night - Jimmy Mac's -- yummy ribs and country music
Got an e-harmony match today from someone that would like to actually talk... wow. I was getting use to 30 rejections a day.

I'm itching for a nap - but I know if I do I'll never sleep tonight. SIgh.

wow- could this BE any more dull? Yes, in fact it could. I could list the condiments in my 'fridge. Juni says that I have more condiments and less food than anyone she's ever known. It is a little saucy in there - I will agree with her on that point.

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