Tuesday, April 04, 2006

what time is it?

As MWR kindly pointed out - I'm an idiot. When we "spring forward" we do lose an hour, and 5am is the old 4am and thus yes, it is actually DARKER in the morning.

I stand by my statement that the cat is up at all hours of the night knocking crap off the night stand. A smart (and tidy) person wouldn't have anything on the night stand, but I refuse to be intimidated by a creature that has 'relations' with a blanket. I also can't be bothered to actually clean my house. I did drag out the vacuum last night - but it was under protest. I live alone, so imagine the scariness of that conversation.

I'm still trying to get through my bookclub book - HERZOG by Saul Bellows. Can I confide in y'all that I don't get it. For every sentence of linear plot there are 14 pages of swirling thoughts, half written letters to old lovers, employers, and the President. In spite of my inability to tell time I think I'm relatively erudite - but Saul has it over on me. He's out there and I don't get it. I'm weak - I need a plot.

Thumbs up to Grey's Anatomy - who as a plus sized actress getting some action. The best part is that her size isn't THE story. You go girlfriend - get yer swirl on! I do wonder how long it will take Meredith and George to be friends again. They teased me last night (I know the show is on Sundays - but I have DVR people) and made me think he would forgive her for using him for sex when she KNEW he loved her. But - it looks like a NEW Dr. McDreamy is in town. Yes, gals Robin the gay sidekick of that flamboyant Batman is a possible LI (that's love interest if you're still reading me) for Ally McBeal -- I mean Meredith Grey.

You know, sometimes I worry that my posts are silly and useless. I look at other folks who post smart political commentary, fresh insights into our world and I wonder if I'm just trite. However, I was looking at my super smart friend's blog and he's got pictures of a dog and a cat in uniform posted. It scared me - but then I realized that I"m free to post what I like!

Lastly, if you have HBO - there is a documentary playing this month called Paperclips. It is quite wonderful and I encourage you to see it. A middle school in nowhere Tennessee/Arkansas (samething) decided to collect a paperclip for every Jewish person killed in the holocaust. The documentary interviews the kids, teachers and survivors that worked together to create a moving memorial. If you don't have HBO - get the movie any way you can - Netflix, Blockbuster... Amazon. It's a lovely story.

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