Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Morning

So, it's Saturday morning - or as it's known in the TPcondo - housecleaning day. I've got plenty to do - hang the frames dragged home from IKEA, store the linens given to me by a friends parents. Dr. B went to an estate sale and purchased the lot of linens - tablecloths, napkins, hand towels, tea towels, pillow case - a plethora of items to be sure. Iit wasn't until he got home and showed them to Mrs. Dr. B that he saw that each and every item had a monogram - a nice big tone on tone P. After seaching their address book for a P person, they came across me. Now, I can of course never get married - or will have to keep my name once I finally trick someone into marrying me - but to it will be worth it to keep using the linens.

So, instead of finishing the laundry, changing sheets, vacuuming I'm farting around on the Internet. I found a desk I like - but since I already have a desk that is for the most part ok it seems like a dumb thing to want.

I read an article on Slate about Trader Joe's so I'm also craving a trip to TJ's to see what they've got in store for me this week. I really love the frozen French Onion soup pods. They are the perfect combo of salty goodness.

I also scanned the movie times to see if there's anything out there worth switching out of sweat pants for... not really. Slither looks creepy, Lucky Number Slevin looks strange and I'm I know everyone in who has been brow beating me to see Napolean Dynamite will be seeing Benchwarmers - but I have no interest. I did see V for Vendetta last night. I thought this movie was supposed to be a smash hit - but the theater was basically empty. The only other people in the theater besides SadRico and I were an older couple and a suspicious dude in a suit. The movie is about rising up against your oppresive government and my guess is that the suit dude was an agent of the Bush League taking names so we don't get out of line.

The entire theater was void of people, not just our show. The parking lot, which is normally jammed with cars was empty. As we walked to our car I wondered aloud if the Rapture had happened and we were (gasp) left behind. SadRico who is clearly more secure of his position upstairs was all like "No, I wouldn't be left behind." I like the use of the word "I" and not "we" thanks dude, I'll miss you. But remember, I've got your house key and don't think I won't sell your shit and use your credit cards until Bank of America figures it out. Not that you'll care - you'll be hottubbing with the 9/11 hijackers who I'm SURE are totally in heaven right now (yeah right - I hope it's nice and hot where you are mo'fo's)

A small complaint about my iMac. I know I've made my bed and I should just shut up - but the web experience is different for Mac users - on a PC the blogger window offers easy click and use tools to bold text, change colors, add hyperlinks... on a Mac I have to resort to actually putting in the HTML code. This is not a skill I really truely have - my trick is to hop back in time to an entry that has the code I need and then copy and paste it in. I'm lame. (I would have bolded that.. but who knows how?)

Maybe I'll try it.. without cheating:

I'm Lame


Wahooo, I figured it out! I did cheat - but maybe I learned something along the way? Crap, now I can't turn it off.... did that work?yup - the hard thing (for me) about HTML is that one little misplaced or missing "/" can cause things not to work the way you want.

Finally - last little thing before I move the clothes from the washer into the dryer... I took a call last night from a public policy research pollster. I have one thing to say... LISTEN UP *SSH*LES if you say the survey is 5 minutes... make it 5 minutes... not 17 minutes and 55 seconds! And questions like this are not really all that great:

Would you say that statement A or B more closely represents your opinion:

A: The boeing company cares about the State of Washington
B: I drive a foreign car because I hate America

Um, both?

When the headlines of the Sunday paper read: Unpatriotic Americans don't value Boeing's contribution to the State of Washington you'll know it was me.

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Right on, TP Gal!