Thursday, April 20, 2006


So, after a few weeks on a 'free dating' site with no real hits I shared my situation with the Book Club Ladies and they prompted me to sign up at or eHarmony. I talked it over with Yaz and I decided what the heck. I'll try a mainstream dating site.

The detailed profile took FOREVER to complete but the assessment of who the potential Mr. TPgal is blew my mind. We'll see if there are any matches tomorrow and take it from there. It's a financial commitment - which I kinda hate but I suppose being found dead, alone with a cat in 15 years but the LDS isn't a good plan either.

Who knows.. maybe there will be more details to come.


syp said...

You planning on divulging what the potential Mr. TPgal would be like?

MWR said...

Look, tpGal/tp_gal/TPgal (on this page alone), until you figure out who you are, you are never going to figure out who is right for you.

Plus, the mere fact that some website says that Pol Pot is the guy for you will not bring Pol Pot back to life!. I'm sorry to be harsh, but it had to be said.

MWR said...

I was just browsing some reviews of hHarmony here . Very amusing. Most writers seem to think it's a scam, for reasons I that I reserve for a future blog entry of my own, perhaps. There are a few defenders.

This is my favorite so far:

"The one reason I used this service was because it would screen out personality disordered people during their screening process, the only service to do so. It you have emotional red flags, you will not receive matches on this service. Dr. Warren is a shrink and set this service up to screen these people out. Perhaps those of you receiving no matches should invest a little money in counseleing to deal with your issues that are flagged by the eharmony software. Narcissists and borderlines will NOT get dates on this service."

This reviewer sounds like the kind of person who would give SkyNET control of our nuclear weapons grid even after repeated viewings of "Terminator" movies.

MWR said...

Make that "eHarmony."