Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Get a life!

 Dear moms of "toddlers and tiaras",

Get a life you are scarring your children and scaring the rest of us.

Your dolled up child needs to be a kid and sexing it up for the camera and the judges is creepy and wrong.

What kind of message are you teaching your little girls?  Beauty is not about hair and makeup it is about kindness and love.

I'm disgusted.

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pnb_dave said...

What disgusts me about this trend is that the rationale the moms invariably give is, "But my daughter LOVES it!" Well, of course she does. She sees how excited YOU get about it. She'd also love a wading pool full of chocolate ganache, but it's your job as a parent not to do things that your child want to do, but that cause harm to him or her.