Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What is that about?

I hate that I can flip the switch into "bitch mode" when things go awry.    It is not a personality trait that I like.  Yesterday I was at the Costco Pharmacy to pick up the next 3 months of our "no baby" supplies.  The clerk, er technician told me that our insurance wouldn't pay for our next prescription until July 17.  I quickly did the math and recognized that if I couldn't pick up the birth control until the 17th then we would have a gap in coverage.  That didn't make any sense to me.  So, I called our insurance company when I got home.  The agent also told me there was nothing he could do that I would have to wait until July 17th.  I asked him, do you make heart patients wait until they have their last pill in their system before they pick up their prescription?  He made some reference about a controlled substance.  Then, I thought he put me on hold to get a supervisor, so I turned to express my frustration to Jason.

"It's stupid that they are willing to allow a gap in coverage which could easily result in a baby.  Seems to me that allowing us to pick up our next months supply before the absolute last day of the month is less risky than possibly creating a baby.  If I end up pregnant, I'll drop the baby on Aetna's doorstep and THEY can pay for it! "

At this point, the kid interrupted me and asked if he could put me on hold.   "Oh heavens, I thought I was on hold, sorry to be a royal pain while you're trying to help me."

Finally, the supervisor got on the line and said that she wasn't quite sure what the issue was, that I could pick up my refill after June17th. 

JUNE!? - holy hell, that is a totally different thing than July.   Never mind.

For the record, Jason heard the Costco tech say July as well - I'm not a complete idiot.

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