Friday, June 10, 2011

Life these days

It might be fair to say that becoming a parent has shifted the focus in my world.  I'm still very sarcastic, very opinionated, and have lots of useless thoughts about silly things like Gwyneth Paltrow's hair.  My blogging time has been limited of late due to focus on work during work hours and the complete lack of time to do anything but family stuff during family time, and I know that the blog has morphed from funny posts about dating and travels to stories of poop, drool and sleep.  I do hope you're still with me from time to time.

Life with Lucy is good - she sucks up a lot of energy but I think that Jas & I are a good team.  We have to work together to get things done and the old way of doing things has had to shift.  We use to go to the grocery store after work and troll for what we wanted to make for dinner.  Now, grocery shopping is happening as we come home from work or if I take Lucy to 'school' early I can hit the store before I log on.   If we don't have a plan for dinner we eat crap and that's not ok.  Lucy's window of tolerance for activities after 5pm is pretty low, so we are eating out less than before, everyone said that would happen so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Most of the things people told us about parenting have turned out to be true.

Lucy resting her head on me is new, and I love it!
I use the word parenting with trepidation at this point.  I don't feel so much like a parent but the caregiver for a very important being. Although, Lucy is just starting to react to Jason and I differently than she does with other people.  At first it didn't matter who picked her up, she was fine.  Now I see that there are moments when she seems more relaxed with me or Jason vs. whatever lovely person is holding her.  I do feel like we have the secret decoder ring for making things right - but only after we've tried so solve the problem with the five other possible answers.  There is satisfaction in meeting the needs of our little girl.  I know others would eventually get to the same solution, but it is validating to be able to do it over and over again. None of these skills make me a super mom, but they make me Lucy's mom.

One funny thing about living with a baby is that it can be infinitely frustrating.  She refuses to speak her needs in clear, adult terms which leads to some delay in "crying abatement".   The sounds she makes can be unpleasant and not at all relaxing, but golly - once we figure out the puzzle and get a whole body smile and now giggles it is amazing how quickly the room lights up.

We're only three months into this journey and things will change every day. Heck we just graduated to bigger bottles and a year ago I had no idea that bottle nipples had different "flow" levels.  I look into Lucy's eyes and I see the same little being that we brought home from the hospital, but when I see the pictures from those days I'm blown away by how much she's already grown.

Ok, gotta run.  There's a window of time to get the laundry put away and the dishes out of the dishwasher before Jason & Lucy arrive so off I go to be domestic between my work life and my parenting life. But, first, here's another picture from the weekend.  Sunscreen needed to be applied to Lucy and we got her scalp too which enabled us to mess with her hair.  Tee Hee... this face says that I'll be paying for therapy later. 

Dammit Momma, not funny!

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