Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's been a busy couple of weeks in TP land.  Our baptism guests left Monday and I left Tuesday for a 3 night stint in San Jose.    This week has been go go go and I'm very much looking forward to tonight were we don't have ANY plans.

Being away from Jas & Lucy is rough. They are on a schedule in the morning that is very tight and our normal good morning phone calls when I'm on the road don't really fit in.  If Lucy would cooperate and wake up and eat when Daddy needs her to it would be easier, but we've learned you can wake her up on your schedule but she only eats when she's hungry.  Diva.

Sure, the idea of a solid nights sleep is great and this time I did sleep through two of the three nights, but I'd rather be home.

Lucy was fine while I was away.  Why wouldn't she be?  Jason is an excellent parent who is just as much involved as me - although, he is perplexed by the baby clothes storage system.  I have it worked out because I'm the laundry wench, but I can see where he doesn't have the time to study the drawers.   So, as I was saying, Lucy was fine while I was away.  Happy, sleeping, playing... all good.  I picked her up on Friday afternoon and she LOST it.  My narcissistic mommy thought was (is) that she didn't know she missed me until she saw me.  We played on the floor and I tried to calm her.   Jason got off work, came home, picked her up and much to my relief and sadness there was happy silence.    I'm sure it was a combination of the time of day and the magical reappearance of Mommy.

By the following morning we were back into a normal routine and Lucy seemed her cheerful self again.  I don't recall anything exciting about Saturday day, but that night the fantastic Jody came over to hang with Lucy (again) while we went to dinner and to our last 2011 Symphony event.  Dinner was nice and the Symphony was great.  I love the music to Carmina Burana it is thrilling.  Well, let me clarify that.  I love the opening and closing number to CB... there's about an hour and 15 minutes worth of music in the middle that is excellent, but not thrilling.

When the Pacific Northwest Ballet does their version of CB the middle songs have visual impact of the fantastic dancers in their "naked"outfits.    I may be someone who needs visual stimulation to keep me alert.

my favorite ballereno in action.

here he is again... raaar

Anyway... sorry for the man candy pictures.  I still have a major crush on Mr. Porretta and I wish he would come live in our house.  He's probably a diva who wouldn't want to do laundry or cook for us (in his little ballet outfits) and his significant other (I'm assuming fella) probably wouldn't want me following them around asking Jonathan to spin and pick things up or leap up to the top shelf to retrieve items for me. 

Back to our story.  Our weekend flew by.  Lucy took a monster nap after church on Sunday.  Naps are good and very important, but they also trap us in the house.  When she finally rejoined the waking world we took her for a walk and happened upon a new and exciting business opening in our neighborhood.  A liquor store!!!  (I know.. boozy momma, not good.)  We're excited on two levels, the first being it is a lot closer than the other location which is in a questionable location, and secondly they will have Sunday hours.  The idea that we're so pure that we don't need to stock our citrus vodka on Sundays is silly.

Jason made dinner for us Sunday night and we feasted on Chicken Fajitas, homemade guacamole and homemade pico.  He does have a prep cook that spent about an hour chopping onions, peppers and tomatoes, but in the end he's the master griller and put the ingredients together in a way to make them taste like food.   I made a pitcher of margaritas.

Monday night after work I was committed to an event at Luther's Table, so I left my girl and my fella at home and worked my butt off for about 4 hours.  It's amazing how quickly food service skills comes back to you and just how tiring it is.   For an event that had no planning and no prep work I think it went ok.  Two of us who were winging it in the back decided that when (if) we do this type of event in the future that she and I will plan it beforehand so it isn't so chaotic.

Last night, was my book group meeting.  The gals rescheduled so I could attend, but I have to say leaving the house at 6pm for the second night in a row without my people was tough.  Our gathering was (as always) wonderful and totally worth the effort.  I am glad though, that I'll be home tonight.

This morning, in spite of my very clear stance on the fact that I'm a mom until 8:30 am, I had a phone call with one of our business units in Germany at 7:30 am.  Lucy was still home and so I was the multitasking momma.  I  set us up on the couch with my phone and notebook , I placed Lucy on the pillow in my lap, popped in a 6 ounce bottle of creamy breakfast and dialed my phone number.  Lucky for me this is a meeting where I'm a contributor and not running the show, so I was able to be 'muted' for the majority of the call.  Lucy did a good job of not being loud or making any sounds at all during the times I had to talk.  She finished her bottle and then (with me still on the call) proceeded to have a very large bowel movement.  It was, in mommy terms, a blowout.  The blowout not only requires a new diaper, but an entire wardrobe change.  So, at 8:10 am, I took Lucy upstairs for a clean up and clothing change. At the same time, I was explaining the nuances of compliance testing.  Lucy, who usually giggles through clothing changes was perfectly quiet while I was on the phone.    I felt a little bit like supermom, but at the same time I know that her cooperation for this event is a one shot deal.  Next time I HAVE to dial into this meeting we'll get Lucy to school early.

That brings us current to today.

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pnb_dave said...

I should introduce you to Jonathan. He's really very nice, but I agree that he probably wouldn't want to do your laundry or cook for you. However, I could ask him.