Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's a baby in my room

Lucy is going to be baptized this weekend and (lucky us) we have grandparents visiting for the event. In addition to these most welcome guests we also have the pleasure of hosting Sally, grandma &grandpa L's very dear friend. Sally has been given the princess suite and is sleeping amongst the many lovely baby clothes and toys. (I knew there was a reason I didn't want to part with my single girl queen sized bed.). The Princess Suite is nothing short of precious, but it is comfortable.

Rather than subject our guest to co-sleeping with a three month old infant, Lucy has been moved to our room. It seems pretty clear on night one ar 9:39 at night that the noise we could get away with when she was 2 weeks old simply won't fly now.

It is sweet to hear her coo in her sleep, but since we NEED her to sleep well I'm going. To be sad if she doesn't fair well co-sleeping with momma and dadda. Although, when we were holed up in the "spacious" suite at the Fairfield Inn in Yakima she did just fine with our late night tv and talking.

We'll see how this goes. One thing is for sure...all monitors are OFF. No one need to hear momma toots projected through the house.

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