Monday, June 20, 2011


There's a trend in Internet advertising where it seems the advertisers are pulling random photos of real people from somewhere (facebook perhaps?) for to help sell their goods. This particular ad grouping struck me as funny. The buff grandpa is well matched for the add, but the VERY large toothless lady to promote a wrinkle removal solution is odd. I've tried the gain as much weight as you can to fill out the skin to avoid wrinkles but it just simply doesn't work.

Lastly, I wonder what the secret to a good night sleep wtih the lady in the last picture could be? I didn't know that motorboating had a sleep inducing effect on people.

The other trend is to pull key words from your profile or email discussion and fine tune the advertisements to "you". This doesn't actually work when, for example, you have a former employer listed who went out of business in a firey flame ball - "Hey current Washington Mutual employees, get discounts on cars now!" Er... maybe the back end logic of that system is flawed.
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pnb_dave said...

The wrinkle-free lady looks like a Nome from the Oz books.