Monday, June 20, 2011


What do you think...twins? Nope, these two little pumpkins are my mom and me. I'm the happy one...oh wait that doesn't help. I'm the one on the right.

There was a LOT of talk this weekend about trying to get a picture of Lucy in a white dress with a similar happy expression. She makes those faces, but she doesn't sit up on her own just yet.

Getting the picture fell on the list of one thousand and one tasks to do over the busy weekend.

The baptism went off without a hitch and our outdoor bbq was held inside because as we all know, summer doesn't start in Seattle until the 5th of July.

It was pretty nice to have people over and not be pregnant, recovering from surgery or otherwise ill. I actually felt like a fully contributing person to our own event. There was a moment there where I had been interrupted while putting out lunch to get something for someone and then was stopped by a child needing a beverage and at the same time answer a couple questions about where things went or if the temperature of the beans were right that I wished for a nano-second to be 9 months pregnant again and lounging on the couch. It was fleeting. We were ALL super busy all day Sunday and it was a great time.

The kitchen was returned to it's previous glory, our fridge looks quite empty and sad now that the BBQ food has all been consumed but I'm thankful to have the house back and the only thing to trip over is baby toys.

Lucy did really well considering she was nap deprived, actually we were able to sneak her away from her fans for a couple quick cat naps, but they weren't the 2 hour monster naps that she actually needed. However, she was friendly to all the people and only had one major spit up and that was on Daddy before church.

Our houseguests have been safely dropped at the airport and I'm back home with laundry going and thankful for the quiet hum of my work computer. Immersing my brain into security policy work is a nice break from the whirl of (VERY WELCOMED) company.

Too bad I have to zip out to San Jose tomorrow - I think a few days at home with just Jas & Lucy would be nice. I guess there's next week for that.

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