Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First day of school

Today is the first day of school for many people. My kid is still in day care, but our day care is closely tied to the local school district and there was an air of excitement at DC this morning.    Over the long weekend they deep cleaned the classrooms, had the carpets spiffed up and I think some of the areas were even painted.

The first day of school is also "fly up" day and some familiar faces in Lucy's class were gone.  They had transitioned into the next class.  The empty cubbies were kind of sad, I'm sure they will fill up soon with the coats of younger kids.  Lucy now is one of the "older" kids in her room.

I thought that the drop off this morning would be difficult.  We just spent four solid days together and usually after the weekends she isn't too happy about being left behind.  However, once she let go of my hand she was happy.

Saturday marked the achievement of her one and a half birthday.  We celebrated in our usual manner, a trip to the pediatrician.  Lucy weighs in at 24 pounds and stands 33 inches tall.  She is trending tall and her weight is right on target for what they want to see.  Her eye teeth are coming in on the top, which explains disruptive sleep the last few nights.

As part of the development checklist, we were asked if Lucy had four words.  Certainly, she uses these words with frequency:

thankyou (one word)
letsgo (one word)
aaarrhhh (a growl that means dog)
uh oh
Words like grandma and papa pop up from time to time.

In sign language we have milk, water, all done, and more.   Then there's a whole host of babble sounds she makes when she's holding conversations.  It seems like we are getting new words every day, that's good because her frustration level is high when she needs/wants something but can't express it, and I can't figure it out.

 Thankfully, she does accept that sometimes the answer is no, or that we don't have any more of whatever item she is wanting.  Sure, she has her moments, but for the most part the brat factor is low.

We were busy all weekend, Marty & Lynne came and helped us install the new cabinets in the butler's pantry.  Sunday, after church while Lucy napped Jason and I moved the glassware into the new cabinet which resulted in rearranging a number of cupboards including the pantry.  Our incomplete kitchen is very organized at the moment.

Monday we invited cousin Jordan and her parents over for a play date.  As you can see the weather was perfect and Lucy took to the pool with the sand toys.   You may remember the pool from last year. - it had a crab head on it, but we cut it off this year.

We dined on red meat, salad and fresh bread in the back yard.  It was a nice way to end the holiday weekend.  Summer is over, but the weather will remain nice for a while, so the pool and the toys aren't packed away just yet.

We're supposed to hear today or tomorrow from the kitchen people about our tile re-do and when we can schedule the completion of our kitchen.  I'm not complaining, I like the black foam core backsplash.  It's quite attractive.

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pnb_dave said...

There's a word in Danish that sounds just like "letsgo" (with a barely voiced T), but I can't for the life of me think what it means in English.

Hopefully it's not obscene and I haven't just embarrassed myself in front of your entire Danish-speaking readership.

This teacher, by the way, celebrated the end of the first day of school with surf-and-turf at the Crossroads Bar and Grill, accompanied by two Maker's Mark old-fashioneds (the second of which I think was a double, although I didn't order it as such), and a chocolate sundae.