Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekend away

The book group ladies (minus 1) are spending the weekend away together. We had planned to go to Plain but the smoke from the nearby Wenatchee forest fires was too much so we borrowed a cabin from a members neighbor. So far, my neighbors only seem able to provide bad yard care service and judgement about our household investments. I'm sure it's envy...especially when the temperatures in the house hits the 80 degree mark at bedtime. Our air conditioner doesn't seem so silly then does it!?

Breathe.... So. This cabin on Whidbey Island was easy to get to and for a cozy cottage is great. It has two queen beds and a loft with two twin beds. I'm in the loft with Amy. We don't have ant curtains, but we have our own beds. Getting up into the loft is ok, a steep ladder, but the lack of a hand rail, or a firehouse pole is frightening. If there is a need for a 3 am pee break it's going to be interesting. For sure, it is incentive to limit the wine intake.

This cabin has a quaint kitchen which was fun for one meal. ONE. Thankfully, I am now off kitchen duty for the remainder of the weekend. The only short coming, other than the lack of toilet paper is the single toilet for 6 women. I'll shower tomorrow and be fine, but waiting in line to pee and not being at a bar or a rock concert is wrong.

There have been multiple ideas thrown around for tomorrow such as biking, a jog ( hell no) and...pedicures. I brought my bike AND my toes. I think the ladies should know.

It's very quiet here and I hope it is not a bright sunny morning. Sleeping until 7:00 would be heaven. I'll let you know how it goes.

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