Monday, September 17, 2012

Our weekend

The newest member of the family
A Toyota Camry
Bye Bye Cute Highlander.  You have been replaced by a green Camry.  We've been talking about trading in one of the gassy cars for one that will get better MPG for Jason's commute. 

It was not our intention to buy a car Saturday, but while Lucy took her short nap (grrr) he went online and did the Costco Car Buyer inquiry.  Our phone rang three minutes later and off he went to just see how things would look.

About 3 hours later, Lucy and I drove up to help finish the transaction.  She mostly was loud and unhelpful but in the end we traded the Highlander for a new hybrid camry and a much lower car payment.  

Our plan is to continue to make the higher car payment each month toward the Camry as if it were the other car and then pay if off early.  However, our interest rate is 2.24% and if we just pay the car on the regular time frame we're not even talking about $1,500 in interest.  I just want the car paid off sooner.  

It's a pretty metallic green with a cream interior.  I like how it drives, but now I'm the primary driver of the mini-van.  It's a bit of a drop in the car-cool factor, but I suppose it was the more practical car to keep.

Now I just have to master getting it in and out of our tiny garage.  For a year and a half I have been able to avoid it but there's no getting around it now.  Soon I'll be a pro, I'm sure of it.

We also send Lucy to cousin Jordan's for a sleepover.  Jas and I went out to dinner Saturday and then 'slept in' at our own house.  Sadly, we couldn't extend the no-baby sleep beyond 7:00 am, but we enjoyed our morning of breakfast out and running around without worrying about the happiness of Miss Lucy.  She had a very nice time and came home EXHAUSTED.  She was snoring in her car seat and didn't even wake up enough to help me lift her out of the car when we got home.  She slept for three hours and still went to bed at her normal bedtime and slept all night.  Sleepy Peepy.

I'm glad she slept well Sunday and last night.  The last few days have been rough.  She's asserting her independence and has been a little challenging to hang out with.  She is cutting teeth and has a stuffy nose, but sheesh, why can't she be happy all the time???

On the kitchen front, our tile installers are coming on the 24th and I'm inclined to hope that all will go well.  If It does our kitchen will be officially complete on Saturday the 29th.  I give myself a couple days extra for paint touch up after the tile/grout people leave.

Lastly,  here's a video of Lucy and the words that she has thus far.  However, please be warned that she has a stuffy nose and there is a gross nose situation.  If "bubbles" of the non-soap variety make you gag (and the do me) STOP AND GO NO FURTHER.


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