Friday, September 14, 2012

This is how we really live...


Today is Cleaning Fairy day and I totally forgot.  Normally I pick up in the rooms where she does her work - the bathrooms and the kitchen as well as the common areas so she's not cleaning around our stuff.

I arrived home from my morning meeting and realized my error and can see that I left every bit of morning hair and face prep on my bathroom counter, Lucy's pj's and toys were strewn about our bedroom and downstairs there are all manner of dirty cups, sippy containers and glasses on the counter.  Thankfully they hadn't worked their way into the kitchen yet , so I was able to clean a path for them, but still it's embarrassing.  What is even more embarrassing than the chaos of a quick clothing change for Lucy this morning is that I'm in the midst of a laundry cycle - there are piles of dirty in our closet and piles of clean folded items draped over the couch.

clean piles....
Miss Angelica laughed at me when I apologized for the state of the house.  I know they don't expect the house to be clean when they arrive to clean, but sorting through piles of stuff and picking baby clothes and toys off the floor is not what I pay for.

So not only am I horrified, but now I have to finish the laundry.  Yuck.

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